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Meet Shane – An Executive Life & Style Coach.

With a passion for empowerment, a love for Style and all things related, Shane is the person that can help you to achieve those extraordinary results.

Specialising in the areas of Personal Life and STYLE, Shane has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry. Combining a wealth of knowledge and experience with style and an accredited Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching, Shane has the ability and the tools to empower you to be your best self.

Shane believes that dressing well is a way of life. When you dress well, you look good and therefore you will succeed.

His talented passion and flare for style allows him to influence you to feel powerful. The combination of his unique personality, his honest feed forward attitude and his creative abilities, makes Shane the go to person.

Honesty is one of Shanes top Values within his work and this is what makes him so powerful.

When it comes to making changes to your image, Shane believes that you must begins form inside out. This process will prove to you that you can look good no matter your Size, Age, Race or Gender. He has a natural ability to empower you to feel , inspired, comfortable and empowered.

Shane offers aTop Qaulity consulting service that is accessible for any person looking to improve their life.

If you are considering investing energy into your Life & Style, Shane will not disappoint. Not only will you walk away with an over all exterior image, you will have a boost in your own confidence and a better understanding of what it takes to maintain this.

You deserve to look your best, so look no further and contact Shane today for a Consultation.


Client Reviews

C       Collette O'Leary       

The stylish guy , has an amazing selection of very good quality fashion wear for men. From top to toe Shane has super taste to dress the man who likes his style

B       Brian Mooney       

Shane is a pleasure to deal with.... he puts so much time and effort in to each customer... he dressed me and my groomsmen dor my upcomming wedding and his knowledge of the industry and attention to detail is brilliant.

S       Sarah Kennedy       

Shane is so welcoming and personable. Gave me great advice on a couple of items for my husbands birthday! Will definitely be back

J       Jason Doherty       

Great service and great staff ! Shane knows exactly what would look stylish on you and steer you in the right direction. A great addition to clontarf . Congrats Shane!.

Shane Burke | Experience with Style

An Executive Life & Style Coach with a Passion for Empowerment, a Love for Style

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