The Super Light Holiday Essentials

In transit
Always travel in your heaviest shoes (for obvious reasons). If you have to pack your blazer, do it so the sleeves are turned inside out, and it’s folded at the waist. Wearing it on the flight is better still.

Make sure you have a travel-sized moisturiser to combat the skin-drying pressurised air. This is very important. Apply it just before you land to look bright-eyed straight off the red-eye. Believe me this makes a HUGE difference.

On the beach
A large light scarf is the Swiss army knife of your seaside arsenal: towel, blanket, impromptu changing room and navigation aid. “Wrap it around your stuff to spot it from the water and stop sand blowing onto it.” Sand in your phone can cause unnecessary problems.

Seeing the sights
A whole day out requires an outfit
 with the versatility of a utility player. “Multiple, light layers are more efficient in terms of space and weight than fewer thick ones. Or even better again carry an additional light pair of shorts and T-Shirt as a spare.

Working up a sweat
This is for the lads who pack their gym gear with the greatest intention. -
Exercise gear is a luxury, not a necessity. “It’s not so long ago that people just dressed casually while exercising, Your T-shirt and shorts willdo just as well as your fancy jacket and shorts.
(FYI . Running on sand builds more muscle and burns 60% more calories.) TRY IT J

Out to lunch
Depending on your kind of holiday a blazer opens many doors. “A T-shirt will meet most dress codes if paired with a smart jacket. And yes, you can wear shorts with it. The key is that, like trousers, they follow the line of your thighs, stay up without a belt, and aren’t wrinkled like a dishcloth.

Dinner a deux
I don’t think you can beat “A jacket, white shirt, chinos and slip-ons. This look is a real, go-anywhere Riviera- dude look. “It’s polished but not so much that you’ll look out of place if you go for drinks. Plus you willl still look smart if you take the blazer off.” Especially if you use your bandana to fill in for a tie. Bandannas are all the go this season.

Bar hopping
Nothing shouts ‘tourist’ like shorts and pasty feet. Clean trainers (Converse) and a casual check shirt are smart enough to satisfy bouncers without making you resemble. I suggest you leave the wifebeaters and the flashy tigh high shorts for the poolside. It doesn't go down well after sunset. A final word of advice: rehydration salts are as life-saving for hangovers as they are ‘Delhi belly’. One of my holiday tricks is, first thing when I wake I drink 2 litres of water. I believe this hydrates you for the day leaving you feeling energetic and fresh.

Finally remember to have travel insurance - drink sensibly and DONT SWIM under the influence. 

Thanks for reading