My Top 3 Jackets This Season

With winter right on our door step a good jacket is very important. Below I have choosen my top 3 jackets, all from the high street and all at an affordable price. They wont break the bank!


Remember that a Gentleman always wears a Jacket. When you are out and about on the town, dating, going for a dinner or just meeting the lads bring that jacket with you. It will make you look stylish and respectable. Lads tell me all the time - "I never bring a jacket because I loose it" ! Take repsonsibilty and mind it. You will if you want to.

1. First up is a Red Label Padded Jacket from Zara. I love this piece as it is not too heavy and not too light. It will go with almost every outfit except black. Theme it up with any scarf long or short and you will be sure to look stylish. You can buy it Here for just €39.95


2 My second choice is a Green Faux Furr Parker Jacket from River Island. I bought this Jacket mid last winter and It was a serious investment. I have worn it through out last winter and I have it ready for the one ahead. Again this jacket is perfect for casual yet trendy wear and this colour is so easy to match up. You can buy it Here for €125. Ok it is a little expensive for some but believe me it is money well spent.


3 My Third and last choice is this super trendy Double Breasted Trench Coat. This should be a staple Piece in every Stylishguy's wardrobe. This jacket is going to have any guy looking super stylish. It is a timeless piece that you will return to again and again. This Jacket will look exceptionally well on any guy who is tall.  It is available from River Island and you can buy it right Here. €100


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.... Please feel free to drop me any comments or questions.

TheStylishGuy :)