The Story behind the #SBAwards15

 In just over one week I turn 30. I decided that i wanted to mark it in a very special way and that is what I did. I held my very own Oscar Themed Awards Night in the Hilton Hotel at Dublin Aiport.


October 25th 2015 is a day i will never forget. A day I had planned and mapped out for almost 3 years. The day arrived, it all happened and It couldn’t have went better!

I invited my immediate family along with my very close friends and a handful of people whom have played major part in my life in the past. It was my birthday and it was my turn to payback the people who have been by my side for the past 30 years.

The awards were called #SBAwards15 and I personally issued 15 awards to people who I felt have helped and supported me to get to where I am today.

From 5.30pm over 150 Guests began to arrive on the Red carpet where they were greeted with an exclusive champagne reception. This was the perfect opportunity for the photographers and videographers to capture the style and elegance that began to conquer the night.


As the doors to the main function opened, a full table plan was on show directing my VIPS to their seats. I had carefully planned out the seating arrangements so that everyone sitting together would be happy and content.(that they were)


As my guests took to their seats I opened with a small speech addressing my Mum, my guest of honour. I thanked everyone for their presence. I then proceeded to say ....
“If someone had of said to me 3 years ago, This is how your life will be and this is
what you would be doing I probably would have cried with the fear.
But right now I wouldn’t change my life for the world and I feel like the happiest
man alive.
I'm sure u all are intrigued as to what's happening here tonight?
The purpose of this event is to celebrate my past 30years and to recognize publicly
the people who have brought me to this point!
A 30th birthday is usually about the birthday person but this 30th birthday is about you
guys ......
I feel the need to recognize and award the people who have helped me and my
family in the past.
I believe that without you people I wouldn't be standing here today. .
To you I am so thankful.
To my dear family - you are the very best each and every one of you. I love you all very much and you all mean the exact same to me.
To my friends here this evening - I think it is clear to say that each of you here, are my friends. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me as a person .I love you all the same.
I suggest that everyone park their worries, problems and difficulties at the door for the next few hours.
The most important thing is to be happy to be happy is all that matters”

-        The room was instantly electrified. I was overcome by the best feeling in the world.

8pm ticked by on the clock and the staff began their team work. Myself and my family were seated centre room on table 1. We were served first and in table number sequence the rest of the room was served. I had selected a 4 course meal including my favourite, Banoffee.

As the staff began serving the desert it was time for me to begin the #SBAwards15.
I was so excited, not one nerve did I have.
It was my time to get up and show these people what I was made of.
I never felt as good in my 30 years.

The awards began.... 15 of them! The Important people in my life were awarded Oscar Themed Statues. These awards were a symbol of my Appreciation and Thanks for their impactable contribution on my life.

As the last award was awarded my mother came to the stage. I presented her with a gold Oscar Statue for being “Simply the Best”. After a little silent tear drop or two, my mum spoke. She congratulated me on my success to date followed by informing the room of how proud she was. It was a moment I will always remember. I finished my speech with a heart filled thank you and there were tears of pride.
It was a moment I will always remember!!!!!


It was then time to Judge Best Dressed. A very special elderly lady friend of mine, Frances Delaney was the Judge.
Without any hesitation Frances had chosen a Natalie Farrell. Frances said "she was a piece of elegance"


The Staff at the Hilton, Ms Emma Quinn and her team did an outstanding job from start to finish. The food was served with a five star standard. There was not one fault. Every member of Staff was trained with the utmost best practise and it showed in many ways. It was a night that everyone loved from start to finish.

It was a night of pure perfection, class and excellence. Every Guest that was invited went above and beyond their call of duty. I received the nicest cards & gifts any man could wish for. I have never felt so humble and grateful in my life.

A huge thank you to the lads at Louis Copeland Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. They dressed me in this lovely 2 piece Suit from the DK x LC collection. This suit retails at €895. I received the ultimate first class treatment. I am fussy when it comes to suits, their style and their fit. However the lads in store tailored this suit to fit perfect. I couldnt have been any more stylish. Remember a good suit is an investment and these lads are the best in the business. Drop in store, pay the lads a visit and mention TheStylishGuy. You too will be sure to receieve the same treatment.


Also A Very Special Thank you to  - 

Spring Break - For their outstanding preformance.

DSC_4558.jpgLove Suits - For looking after all the Gents with Black Tie Hire.

You can catch all the snaps from the night HERE.

Thanks for reading
TheStylishGuy :)