Shane Burke is an image consultant, fashion stylist and personal shopper from Dublin, Ireland.

Shane has A VERY STRONG PASSION FOR FASHION and feeling good about himself. HIS FORTE LIES WITHIN THE INDUSTRY OF FASHION, STYLE AND ALL elements RELATED. Shane can help you if you need a personal shopper, personal stylist, or image consultant. He is very helpful and one of the best personal shoppers in Ireland. Shane will go shopping with you and give you one to one help with choosing suitable options to improve your fashion image. His unique personality makes him one of the most successful image consultants in Dublin. 

Shane Burke has vast experience in working as an image consultant and has worked with many Irish celebrities providing fashion advice. He offers an image consultant service that is accessible for everybody from any walk of life. He offers value for money and is very affordable for anyone who is looking for a fashion consultant. If you are looking for an affordable, friendly, and approachable personal shopper then choose Shane Burke.

What is a Personal Stylist/Image Consultant/Personal Shopper and can I afford it?

A personal stylist is someone who helps people shop, create their wardrobe and perfect the person’s image. Personal stylists have been made famous by television celebrities such as, Trinny & Susannah and Gok Wan. Personal Stylists use their experience in the fashion industry to help people achieve a style that suits them. The demand for personal stylists has been increasing in recent years and is now affordable for everybody. Shane Burke is one of the most affordable and accessible personal stylists/image consultants in Dublin. A personal stylist helps people choose what type of clothing suit their features and current lifestyle. A personal stylist will help you increase your confidence by improving your image.

An image consultant educates people about what clothes and accessories looks good on them. An image consultant helps improve your makeup and make suggestions about hairstyles. Shane Burke is a very friendly and accessible personal stylist and image consultant in Dublin.