I receive emails and messages quite regularly from random lads, asking me what exactly they should have in their wardrobes. The list is endless i say, but what I concentrate more on is, What should NOT be in their wardrobe.

From time to time lads forget to throw out what is not finding reason and then all of a sudden they think its cool to rock out in it. This doesnt work. If you havent worn it in a year or more...... Be a good lad and give it to the local charity shop.

I have put together 5 top items that under no circumstances should be in The Stylish Guys wardrobe.

1. Caterpillar Boots! Some lads call them Desert boots. I have to admit - I was a lover of these about 10/12 years ago. I had a light grey pair from NY and I can tell you they were the best thing. However, times have changed and so has style. These are not fashionable. Bin em !

2 Number two on my list is a Bootcut Jeans. I think every guy is guilty of this possession however at this point they are a most definite NO ! Your alternative here is a Straight Leg fit or Slim Fit Jean. This is going to be a big hop from Wide to Straight or Slim - However after two or three times wearing them you will never look back. TRUST ME !

3 Stylish guys DO NOT wear Silly tshirts with ridiculous statements printed across the front. There is no excuse for this. You can never beat a plain colour t-shirt. Please make sure as always that the fit is right. At the minute Im liking the 2 for €15 plain T-Shirts in Topman. Great quality and super good fit. Check them out in most stores.

4 Personally i am not a lover of Jewelry and majority of Women surveyed also said that they do not like jewelry on guys. Maybe if you are a backpacker or a surfer you might be able to pull it off........ But lads keep away from the wooden jewelry particularly. It does not look good! (wedding bands are good)

5 Last but not least - Just because no one can see them, doesnt mean you can get away with it. Loose boxers are not a good choice for The Stylish Guy. They are not comfortable and if you are wearing the right fit jeans - its not gonna be a pretty sight. My option would be to go for the tight elasticated fit. Try them out if you haven't already done so. I would always stick to a plain colour like White black or Grey. If you dont have the perfect body, Black tight fit are your best option. Super slimming and they look good.

As your granny might say always have good underwear - just in case you are ever knocked down.

Thanks for reading

Shane (TheStylishGuy)