Taking care of your wardrobe should be as important as buying the right clothes and here are some tips to help you do that. 


Don’t Wash Your Clothes Too Often

Over Washing your clothes is going to make your clothes look faded and worn. Save your wardrobe – if it looks and smells clean, it’s probably clean.

Seal Your Suede

It is not rocket science - If you buy new suede shoes - invest in protector and spary them. This is benefit you in the long run. 

Know When To Fold, And When To Hang

I tend to fold most of my tshirts long sleeve and short sleeve and also my jumpers. I hang my shirts along with my suits and I make sure they are spaced out.

Check Your Pockets

ALWAYS check your pockets reagardless. You will be suprised how much you leave in them. The last thing you want is a tissue destroying your laundry 


Always Separate Colours

As tempted as it is to just throw all your laundry into the machine and boom - Dont do it. Separate your colours and wash them separately. I wouldnt do a wash any higher than 4o degrees. 

Hang Them Out To Dry

Unless the shirt you’ve just washed is the only one you own, there really is no good reason for drying your clothes in a dryer. The dryer will shrink your clothes an make them fade. Use a clothes horse or a washing line

Turn Inside Out

Turning your clothes inside out when washing is a stupidly simple way of preserving the life of them.