5 Top Key Essentials Every Stylishguy Should Own

Every StylishGuy should have the following 5 Key essential items in his wardrobe. 


1. The Reversible Black/Brown Leather Belt

M&s Collection Coated Leather Reversible Belt Black And Brown Reversible Belt

2. The Leather Weekender

A quality leather weekender is arguably the only bag you will ever need. Practical, versatile and able to double up as hand luggage for short trips away, if you are over twenty years of age and travel more than three times a year – whether for work or pleasure – there’s no excuse not to invest in one. You will benefit. Sports bags are not acceptable-




 Next Signature Brown Leather Holdall Reiss Hines Leather Weekend Holdall Black

3. Sunglasses

Weather it be for your holidays, driving around at the weekend or simply just to
 look good. Sunglasses are an investment. sunglasses.ie are based online and 
in Dublin City (Dawson Street). They offer a wide range of glasses and if you
mention TheStylishGuy You will get 10% off. 


€98 HERE                                    €98 HERE

4. A Selection Of flashy Cotton Socks

There is absolutely no point in having the good shoes and not having the good socks. Sometimes the nicest of socks can have the sexiest of impressions. Flashy socks add character and attitude to TheStylishGuy. Next & M&S always have a good selection. 

5. A Leather wallet

As a lover of a small wallet - This Secrid is perfect. Every StylishGuy should possess one of these. 
They hold up to 6 bank cards along with 2 other departments for cards. There is also an area that
Will hold your notes safely. 

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Thanks for Reading - StylishGuy